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Grant Making

Our Grants Sustain and Build Community

Taos Community Foundation's philosophy on grantmaking is that any grant we make will support the improvement of our communities’ quality of life.

We believe that quality of life is grounded in the health of our communities. We believe that healthy and safe communities result when the following criteria are met:

• Children and youth become citizens who have the desire and the skills to be employed, and the skills to participate in the civic life of the community.
 • Working age adults obtain and retain employment with adequate income.
 • Working age adults have the skills and resources needed to support the needs of children and youth and the elderly.
 • Working age adults have access to responsive affordable health care.
 • Elderly citizens are able to maintain their economic well-being and engage in community.
 • Community members are stewards of our community and natural resources.
 • All citizens are safe.
 • All citizens are active in civic and cultural life of the community.

For more information about our Grant Making process and factors:

read How TCF Gives to the Community  and view our most current Grants Report to the left.