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Advance Care Planning Study

It's for Everyone

In the Fall of 2014, Medicare was again considering reimbursement to health are professionals for providing Advance Care Planning (ACP) services. Atul Gawande, a physician and leading writer on public health issues had released his book Being Mortal exposing the reality of end of life care and asking the question what should health care look like at end of life.

National Public Radio recorded a segment with Dr. Bernard Hammes, a medical ethicist, who 20 years ago after supporting so many people in making the difficult decisions for loved ones at end of life, decided he would do something about it.

In 2012 Holy Cross Hospital development department staff was just beginning to ask how to support people in completing advance directives.

In 2014 Elizabeth Crittenden-Palacios, Former TCF Foundation Director, was inspired by the NPR interview with Dr. Hammes to take a step forward. She decided, with support from key stakeholders to begin to research initiatives to improve completion of advance directives. This report is the result of this initial investment.