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Kids in Need

The purpose of Kids in Need (KIN) is to provide needed medical aid and equipment to the children of Taos County who have exhausted all other known means of financial support. 

KIN was established in response to the gap in services identified by health providers in Taos. Time and time again many of us experience the reality of seeing others not being able to afford needed, durable medical supplies and services. KIN gives you a way to show you care - knowing your contributions will make a pivotal difference in a child’s life.

This program originated with Holy Cross Hospital Foundation in 2001 and is now under the guidance  of Taos Community Foundation.

As insurance programs continue to reduce and/or eliminate benefits, the struggle for families to meet the medical needs of needs of their children increases, and may result in needed services or equipment not being obtained. Eighty-seven percent of Taos youth receive Medicaid. This speaks to the levels of poverty we have in Taos. Many of these families are considered working-poor, meaning parents/guardians are working but not earning enough to cover some medical expenses - much less the multitude of expenses not covered by federal insurance programs. We seek to increase community awareness of this need, and create the opportunity for investment in a program that will support many children in need.

Since KIN’s origination, it has funded vouchers for travel to and from medical appointments; purchased a much-needed Hoyer lift system; built ramps which gave great access to the family home as well as an increased participation in community; purchased adaptive exercise equipment to prevent muscle atrophy; purchased wheelchairs or orthotics to improve mobility and more recently repaired a Braille system, enabling a young girl to keep up with her studies.

As a special project of Taos Community Foundation we have the opportunity to incubate and develop the program while maintaining strong fiscal stewardship. KIN is a volunteer organization with an advisory board charged with overseeing and reviewing referrals by healthcare providers and school counselors. Applications are accepted for Taos County youth under the age of 18, and are vetted using an evaluative matrix for review. All vouchers for services/equipment are paid directly to vendors or suppliers once verified.

Whether or not we like to acknowledge it, there is real poverty in this beautiful land. Few well-paying jobs and little opportunity for economic advancement foster an environment where the cycle of poverty is hard to escape.

Community groups do what they can to serve as a safety net, but they can’t do it alone. Grants from foundations and donations from businesses and individuals keep the good work flowing. We ask you to take action and contribute to Kids in Need knowing you can make a difference!