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Understanding Taos Community Foundation

A Newcomer's Guide to Understanding Your Community Foundation

We see the whole picture.
Unlike nonprofits that focus exclusively on one area of community and economic development, we support a range of community activities. As a result, we see and can respond to overlooked community needs.

We are responsive.
We can offer flexibility to respond at the right time in the right way to a community challenge, predicting when a strategic convening, a small grant or key collaboration might result in positive, systemic community change.

We are inclusive and non-partisan.
We are one of only a few institutions who successfully bring diverse, sometimes divergent, community members together in a neutral setting to achieve collaborative and progressive goals.

We are your regional resource.
Because TCF can match charitable resources with community opportunities, we can handle all sides of a program transaction; convening around a challenge, providing donor services, establishing funding streams, leveraging resources (outside foundations, government, business), and building the capacity of organizations to do the work.

We can support your legacy.
When you donate to an endowment, your contribution works forever to support the issues that matter most to you. After your death, your gift continues to make an impact.

We're local.
We help people give where they live, in communities throughout Taos and western Colfax counties.

We're easy to work with.
We identify community needs and generate solutions. We introduce donors to organizations with similar dreams. We do the homework and the legwork so you can have the good feeling that comes with making a difference in your community.

We never give up.
Endowment funds start small and grow. You can give knowing that we will be working for a better Taos, forever. When community needs change – even needs that we cannot fathom today – our programs will change in response.

We make giving simple.
We are structured to make donation simple. You can establish a fund, address a community need, name us in your will, leave a life insurance policy or real estate. We are flexible and creative.

We're matchmakers.
We are connected to 200+ local charitable organizations and can match donors to causes they are passionate about.

We're your charitable checking account.
You can choose to make a gift to benefit local nonprofits now and we can help you decide where your contribution will do the most good.

We respond to community emergencies.
We work with community foundations across the country and local organizations so that local residents can support emergency efforts at home, nationally and globally.

We carry a big umbrella.
We offer financial support to nonprofits making a difference in the arts, civic affairs, education, environment and health and human services, as well as those that serve Native Americans, the LGBT community, immigrants, the elderly, at-risk youth and many others.

We take a long view.
You don't have to give now. You can give assets – such as a home, retirement fund or life insurance policy – to the community in your estate. You can select investment pathways or specific groups that you would like to continue to support after you are gone.

You don't have to be rich.
Our donors are working people, families and small business owners who contribute gifts of as little as $25, $50 and $100. What they share is a desire to lift the lives of their fellow citizens and see change in their community.

We're a good value.
By combining your resources with others who share your interests, you maximize modest contributions and take advantage of our expertise and low administrative costs.

We give with care and measure our impact.
Each year our grants committee, composed of community volunteers from many professions and walks of life, reviews hundreds of applications, visits and researches nonprofits, and makes thoughtful, informed decisions about which organizations to fund. We review final reports to understand the impact and change in the community and share the outcomes with the community.

We collaborate.
By forming funding partnerships with other foundations and organizations we are able to leverage broader knowledge and greater return on investment in support of causes in our community.

We see the big picture.
Individual nonprofits focus on specific issues, but the Foundation's role is to study community connections. With donor input, we develop grant making and other programs that respond to the most pressing needs of our communities.

We support nonprofits with education, training and development.
We offer workshops, coaching and mentoring to help local charitable organizations do their work more effectively. Smarter nonprofits make better use of their financial gifts and their personnel and can make greater community impact.

We share information.
An educated resident makes better decisions about how and where to give. We work with donors to learn more about the problems we face as a community and to generate solutions and publicly share financial statements and annual reports with the community at large.

We make philanthropy easy.
Rather than set up your own foundation, avoid the complications and let us handle the workload. We offer low administrative costs, tax advantages and 25 years of experience targeting and meeting community needs.

We save you money.
Gifts to Taos Community Foundation are tax-deductible. We also offer a range of ways, from charitable gift annuities to help with IRA rollovers, that can save you money while also benefiting the community.